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    Рейтинг от Линкуса


    The first full-drive recumbent trike S-4 3x3 from Alexei Soloviov.

       Trike - model S-4 3x3 is the further development of the front drive trikes S-327 and S-330.
       The main peculiarity of the model S-4 3x3 is the full drive (drive on all 3 wheels) what makes dynamic and traction characteristics of the trike the most effective, especially on the road with bad covering or without one; on wet, slippery road; on sand, gravel, grass, snow, ice etc.
       The full drive ensures the best traction for riding on cross-country. The trike has very strong frame and intend for big overloads.
       S-4 3x3 is excellent cross-country machine!
       This trike is also may use only with the front drive or only with the rear drive.
       S-4 3x3 has a centre-point steering. Steering gear of original design ensures excellent manoeuvreability, confident and safe steering.
       Beam of the rear wheel has rubber shock-absorber and allows to adjust own hardness in according to rider's weight.
       The brake system: drum hydraulic brake in each wheel integrally built in the frame. Both front brakes are operated by one brake lever. Also it plans to manufacture frames with disk hydraulic brakes.
       The seat: S-4 3x3 has new comfortable seat and changed system of its fixation on the frame. It slides along the main beam and quickly fix in any interval position to cater for riders from 160…200 sm tall. The seat is made of carbon or fibreglass.
       Materials: The main construction is made of aircraft aluminium (90%) and also use high-resistant titanium alloys (universal - joints, all king - bolts, tips and nuts of steering rods, other bolts and nuts, rod of shock - absorber etc.), and special steels (parts of freewheels and some others).
    Aluminium frame is the full welded. The carrier is made of stainless steel tubing (it is possible to manufacture the carrier of titanium tubing).
       The trike has high quality and meets the requirements of reliability and safety.
       All products have a free warranty in 1-2 years.